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Rick Neilson

Rick Neilson

About Rick's Courses

Rick Neilson is passionate about getting people to visit and use websites.

Over the past 20-years, Rick has seen many websites that have been developed that look aesthetically excellent but do not attract visitors because of poor quality schema and inconsistent coding, which is often accompanied by a poor amount or a low quality of content.

Users will only come to a website if it is available at the point they have a question, a pain point, or a desire.

Rick's Background

Rick Neilson lives in the UK. Rick has had various senior positions including being a marketer for a digital healthcare startup that has grown to be a multi-million-pound business.

Rick has been developing websites for more than 20-years, using a diverse number of technologies that include coding using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as development with popular frameworks such as WordPress, Opencart, Zen Cart, X-cart, Concrete5 and other content management systems. Rick has an MBA from the University of Leicester and a diploma in digital marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Rick Neilson has a passion for developing websites. He developed his first website whilst at university in 2000. Back then, developing websites was very different. Websites were primarily static and just used HTML and CSS. As time has progressed, websites have become dynamic, using backend frameworks, which make them function. These include PHP.

How Web Development and Marketing Courses Benefit You

When marketing most digital ventures, it's important to present something to visitors that provides a solution for one of their emotions. This could be by presenting the visitor with a new training shoe that has technology that makes the visitor run faster, or a shoe that has a novel design that is very much in fashion, which will elevate the visitor’s social presence, or by presenting someone with a domestic cleaning device that will allow the visitor to do a task more quickly and effectively.

Once visitors at on the website the websites must keep the visitor’s attention by using a framework that attracts, creates an interest, evokes desire, and impels the visitor to take action. Quite often people that build websites overlook the fundamentals of human behavior. This is often due to a focus on code and technical aspects that make the website function, rather than the user experience.

The courses offered teach you these two essential skills simultaneously. Even if you outsource work in the future, you will have an advanced appreciation of how to link a well coded website to content that converts. You will also learn about copy that hooks a reader from the first headline and a conversion rate that others can only dream of.

Rick Neilson has a passion for teaching the two core subjects of creating content that converts with developing an aesthetically pleasing website that has all the necessary functionality. No other place combines these two skills in the same way to teach entrepreneurs a method of going from an idea to developing a successful digital business.

Rick does not just want you to take courses and learn theory, he wants to create an interactive learning environment where people engage and share ideas. Use the Facebook group and other communities that are linked from this website to discuss and develop ideas that maximize your future potential.